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The Machickanee Cross Country Ski Trails were originally planned and developed by local skiers in the Oconto County Forest with the cooperation of the Oconto County Land, Forest, and Parks Committee. The current trail system has resulted from the efforts of many volunteers who have donated their time, money, and energy since 1978. In 1982, the Machickanee Cross Country Ski Club was formed to organize these efforts.

The trails lead through a series of forest types, including red pine plantations, coniferous swamps, oak ridges, and birch and aspen stands. They undulate through topography ranging from creek bottoms to ridge tops. Numerous hills and curves of various slopes and lengths make this course a challenge for the intermediate to advanced skiers.

The Machickanee Cross Country Ski Trails also include a beginner loop that can be enjoyed by skiers of all ability levels.

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Trail Conditions

July 22, 2024: The trails are in good hiking condition,  but have not been mowed. Lots of butterflies and things in bloom. Use caution when hiking Brehmer Creek Trail, CoralBerry and Timberwolf Trails as there is still logging operations and heavy equipment in those areas.

July 16, 2024: The trails are in good hiking condition,  but have not been mowed.  There are lots of dragonflies and things in bloom. There is still active logging next to Brehmer Creek Trail, Timberwolf and CoralBerry Trails. Use caution hiking in that area.

We would appreciate your support of Machickanee Cross Country Ski Club through memberships and/or donations. We can’t do what we do without your financial support. If you would like to send a membership or donation, send to : Machickanee Cross Country Ski Club.    P.O. Box 66, Abrams, WI 54101

Trail Work:  A lot of work went into the trails this summer and fall —139 volunteer hours

All the trails have been mowed as well as removing rocks, roots, and tree stumps. There have been a number of workbees to accomplish all of the work. If you could help with trail work or for one of our events, please contact us.

The new parking lot at the Blackberry Ramble trailhead is working out really well. Thanks goes to Oconto County for the clearing and setup of the new parking lot.

General:  Most trail maintenance, including removing dead-fall trees and branches, mowing, brush cutting, bridge building and repairs, grooming, equipment purchases and repairs, and more are provided by the Club.  We rely on volunteer effort, Club memberships, and trail donations to keep the trails in such good condition.  Perhaps you can consider joining the Club or providing a donation to help us. Mail to address listed above.  You can also help us with a donation via the cashbox located at the trailhead when you ski.

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